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N Bar S Microgreens catches up to the digital times

Well, we about to enter our third year of business so it was about time we got a website! And we did! It wasn't nearly as bad as we were dreading, and turns out it was actually fun along the way!.

So who are we? We are N Bar S Microgreens, the premier year round, indoor farm in Helena, MT. We strive to provide the freshest, most flavorful, and eye catching food to the Queen City of the Rockies and the surrounding Central Montana Area.

Farmer and daughter delivering microgreens and flowers to local restaurant.

But more than that we are committed to sustainability. From reducing carbon emissions by growing our food in the heart of Helena, to inhouse vermicomposting (that's composting with worms), we strive to leave as small a foot print as possible. And turns out there are some really cool benefits to boot such as offering the best fertilizer on the planet to our community, to biking our deliveries around town!

We are glad you found us and encourage you to sign up for newsletters and blog posts from us. Microgreens, mushrooms, and worms oh my! Its been a wild ride, and we hope to reveal the secrets of each and more to you. Be it through gardening tips, recipes, nutritional information, stories and more!

Thank you for stopping by!

Joe Naiman-Sessions

N Bar S Microgreens

Owner, CEO, CFO, Farmer, Mad Scientist, Dude at the Farmer's Market, Wearer of Many Hats, and Father (last but definitely not least, and why we started our farm to boot!)



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