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We are privileged to provide Helena, MT with year-round, nutritious, flavor packed, eye appealing microgreens. We provide over 20 different varieties through the farmer's market, grocery stores, Community Supported agriculture, and restaurants. 

Edible Flowers

As Montana's first indoor edible flower farm, we are proud to offer a wide range of flowers to enhance the culinary experience. Our flowers come in all the colors of the rainbow, vary in shapes and sizes, and lend distinct flavors to dishes and drinks. 

Gourmet Mushrooms

Local grown gourmet mushrooms have not been available in Helena for almost a decade. We are glad to revive our local mycelium scene and offer the fruits of the mushrooms labor to our community.


Garden Amendments & Plant Starts

Starting the spring of 2024, we are proud to add to our organic backyard gardening offerings. Worm castings unlock the organic nutrients latent in your soil, so no need for synthetic fertilizers when the microbes in it get to work. We also offer a wide array of plant starts in the early spring to help you get a jump start on your garden!

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